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At Vimnat pharmaceuticals, we validate processes and equipments (process validation, cleaning validation & equipment qualification) are used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals. Entire manufacturing process - starting from dispensing of material to the warehousing of the materials is as per cGMP, under the strict supervision of manufacturing personnel & IPQC&A personnel. We believe in automating our processes thus minimizing manual handling. Each batch of input materials is inspected by the QC personnel against the predefined specifications. Only the material complying to specifications are used in manufacturing process. Research, innovation and care describe our services and products best.

Responsiblity For Products

Operating in the pharmaceutical industry, we are accepting the responsibility for human health and life.
That is why the quality of our products and the safety of patients are our priorities.

We care for quality at each stage of the product development,
production, storage, distribution and sale.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest
standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

We have GMP certificates issued by the Main Pharmaceutical
Inspectorate for all drugs and substances manufactured.

We use the latest technologies which ensure the safety of products,
employees and the natural environment.

Responsiblity For Employees

Employees are the company’s success factor – they use their knowledge and expertise to achieve the company’s goal. Therefore, Vimnat’s pays much attention to the training of employees and their career development. The aim of these projects was to increase business competitiveness by improving professional skills of the employees and providing new knowledge acquisition.

Environment Responsiblity

Vimnat pharmaceuticals commitment to sustainable development is reflected in such activities as:

  • Using advanced environment-friendly technologies.

  • Minimizing pollutant emissions.

  • Making prudent use of raw materials

  • Monitoring our manufacturing processes and their environmental footprint

  • Promoting environmental education and green behaviors.

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